Can-Am Chains is a Canadian manufacturer of premium conveyor chains and sprockets.
We offer a very comprehensive range of chains for the forest, sawmill and paper industries, for example, and product solutions for heating plants and wastewater treatment.
Can-Am Chains manufactures chains to industry standards and has over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of conveyor chains. The company is constantly developing its products to meet the evolving needs of industrial customers.
Thanks to our first-class quality, continuous development and innovation, our customers are able to enjoy a long product life and achieve cost savings. Our selection also includes specialized chains and sprockets.

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Chain Company | Steel Chain, Wear Plate - Can-Am Chains


Cobo Group is a cab and cabin specialist that manufactures cab components and products for all mobile machinery. Cobo is known for its high quality and competitive prices, and offers a wide selection of products from 40 product groups. Cobo's cab component range includes electronic components, seats, steering wheels, dashboards, lighting kits, wiring harnesses and instrumentation. Cobo also manufactures custom cab components.

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Diamond Chain Company is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality roller chains. The products are commonly used in the oil, gas, forestry and wood industries and in agricultural, industrial and earthmoving machinery. The company's products include roller chains, conveyor chains, lifting chains, specially lubricated chains, maintenance-free chains, and corrosion and moisture resistant chains. Diamond roller chains are available in three different quality variants: Diamond, Diamond Infinity, Diamond Sapphire. The company's Diamond Series has the industry's longest lifetime and a 10 year product warranty. The first-class quality of Diamond roller chains guarantees the customer the lowest lifecycle cost on the market.

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The Diamond Chain Company | Roller Chain Manufacturer | Indiana


Locking is important for personal safety and the protection of property. Dirak offers high-quality locking systems that are trusted even in the most demanding applications such as industrial cabinets and equipment, information technology, telecommunications, hospitals, railways and in HVAC solutions. The company's range of locking systems includes pole lock systems, locks, hinges, knobs, latches, seals and specialty products. Dirak's range also includes a lock approved for food processing machinery and equipment. This lock can be ordered with an L or T handle. The E-line product family includes electronic locking systems.

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Doga develops and manufactures customized windshield wiper systems for a variety of heavy duty vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machinery, trains and boats. Doga offers the best windshield wiper systems for every application. The product range includes windshield wiper systems, wiper blades, fluid tanks, washer fluid nozzles and washer fluid hoses. The company specializes in customizing its standard products to meet special requirements to create an optimal fit for all types of applications.

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GGB is the global market leader in metal polymer plain bearings. The company offers a wide range high performance bearings, including plain bearings. All products are available in standard sizes and in customized shapes and sizes. The range includes various types of plain bearings, composite bearings, custom-made sliding surfaces and plain bearing housings.

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Plain Bearings, Self-lubricating Bushings & Polymer Coatings | GGB


ZK worm gearboxes and motors meet the highest quality standards and provide the perfect solution for the various subsections of transmission.
The ZK RD gear series includes 9 different gear sizes with gear ratios from 1:7.5 to 1:100.
Optional accessories: flanges, shafts, torque arms etc.
Efficiency classes: IE1 / IE2 / IE3

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YUK Transmisiones y complementos S.L.


Koyo is an established manufacturer of needle bearings. The company's range of high quality products includes needle bearings with millimeter and inch dimensions. Koyo's wide product range includes the appropriate needle bearings for virtually every manufacturing industry.

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Koyo Bearings Europe - JTEKT Corporation brand for Bearings


MBL offers a comprehensive range of transmission belts. The product range includes a variety of transmission belts, such as V-belts, toothed belts, serpentine belts and open-ended long length belts. Manufacturers of vehicles and machine tools typically use Mitsuboshi transmission belts in their equipment. Other applications for transmission belts include various industrial machines, building air conditioning systems and household appliances. The more demanding the application, the more Mitsuboshi transmission belts stand out from the competition.

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NSK is one of the world's leading manufacturers of roller bearings. You can find NSK products and solutions wherever things move, even under the toughest operating conditions. The company is known for its comprehensive product range and high quality. The product range includes ball bearings, roller bearings, bearing assemblies, bearing housings, precision bearings and bearing accessories. The most common applications are in basic industry, material processing, consumer goods and the machine and automotive industries.

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Pinet Industrie is a leading European manufacturer of hinge, locking and fastening solutions and offers a selection of over 4,000 standard products. Pinet also customizes products according to customer requirements. Pinet Industrie products include hinges, locks, pulls and holders. The products are commonly used in the automotive industry, street lighting and fixtures, ICT enclosures and rail technology.

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Solutions de charnières et verrouillages standard et sur-mesure | PINET INDUSTRIE


RINGFEDER and ECOLOC are leading brands in locking sleeves, locking elements and damping technology. The Ringfeder product range includes locking kits, clamping rings, shock absorbers and a variety of couplings. Ringfeder locking kits are suitable for attaching all types of hubs to shafts. Ringfeder offers a wide range of standard locking sleeves and locking elements with 6-1000mm shaft diameters. The locking sleeves and locking elements ensure safe transmission at high torque loads. GERWAH offers torsionally rigid, elastic couplings as well as safety couplings for lower torque ranges. TSCHAN offers elastic, high-elastic and torsionally rigid shaft couplings with interchangeable clutch elements over a wide torque range.

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ROCOL® manufactures high-quality innovative greases, oils, molding fluids, lubricants, aerosol paints, anti-slip floor coatings and floor panels that surpass the requirements of today's challenging operating conditions. ROCOL products are reliable and guarantee superior performance. Technically advanced lubricants and greases to meet all your industrial and maintenance needs.

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ROCOL - Performance you can trust | ROCOL®


Rohde manufactures high quality handles and pulls for various industrial applications. In addition to the most common models, Rohde offers mechanical, pneumatic and electrically-equipped handles, pulls, and special models meant for clean rooms. Rohde handles combine high quality with a user-friendly design. Available in aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Rohde's high-quality products are used in a wide range of applications, including industrial cabinets and equipment, information and telecommunications technology, hospitals, railways and HVAC solutions.

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Rymax Lubricants offers high-quality lubricants at a cost-effective price. Rymax is particularly known for its success in the demanding lubrication of industry machinery and heavy equipment. Rymax lubricants meet the latest requirements of equipment manufacturers and international standards. Rymax products are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards to ensure high product quality, product support and logistics services.

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Rymax Lubricants


S&N Oy has been manufacturing PTO shafts since 1975 and offers a high-quality range of PTO shafts. We only use components from well-known manufacturers. High-quality components combined with our expert team's specialized work ensures excellent results. The most common applications for our PTO shafts are in industry, machinery, heavy equipment, vans and boats. S&N Oy serves its customers in all their PTO shaft needs. Our services include maintenance and repair, modifications, balancing, spare parts, and sizing and design.

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Sugatsune products combine ingenious design and meticulous detail. High quality product development for 70 years, including stainless steel products. Sugatsune is a traditional manufacturer and distributor of premium fasteners. Architects, designers and builders rely on our reliable product quality and unmatched craftsmanship.
The quality of our products is apparent to the touch. Whether working on a small or large scale, Sugatsune adds value in both practicality and style.
Nothing beats the toughness and durability of stainless steel. Regardless of whether the issue is exposure to corrosion, harsh chemicals or harsh weather conditions, you can rely on Sugatsune products.

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Industrial & Architectural Component Hardware | Sugatsune America


Timken is one of the world's largest and leading manufacturers of bearings. Timken is known as a versatile bearing manufacturer with a selection of groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings and bearing housings. In addition, Timken offers a wide range of maintenance products, such as bearing greases, installation tools and monitoring tooling.

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The Timken Company | Bearings & Mechanical Power Transmissions/


Leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience, TOTAL is able to answer the evolving needs of an increasingly challenging industry. Thanks to the company's thorough knowledge of industrial processes, the oils and greases developed by TOTAL are ideally suited to the production requirements of a variety of customers. TOTAL specializes in the iron and steel industries, chemicals, energy, metalworking, automotive, hardware, metallurgy, mining, building materials, paper making and agriculture. TOTAL products help customers optimize machine productivity and increase competitiveness. The anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties of TOTAL high performance hydraulic oils provide added protection to equipment. Whether your application needs to meet food industry requirements or be pressure, temperature or water resistant, the wide selection of greases has options with equivalent characteristics for each application.

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