We at S&N Oy provide some of the most innovative new technical solutions for industrial applications. We are at the forefront of building quality of life and day-to-day ease and safety. Through new technical solutions, we support the sustainable development and responsibility of Finnish industry. We enable the conservation of the environment for future generations.

An encouraging and rewarding working culture

The family-owned company with a long history now provides international suppliers with a modern and responsible link to the Finnish market. Our encouraging and rewarding working culture enables professional growth and developing one’s own expertise through interesting work tasks. In the decision making within our flat organisation, everyone’s view is important, which makes us even more unified and capable in terms of cooperation.

Develop your competence through training courses that support your job description

We base competence development on regular competence reviews, performance reviews and development plans prepared based on them. We maintain our expertise through product training courses provided by international suppliers. With us, you can also access professional training that supports your job description. Collaboration, participation in various teams and diverse work tasks enable us to develop our competence and update our operating methods systematically.

Well-being in the workplace and work community

We provide our staff members with competitive pay, a bonus scheme and fringe benefits. Taking care of occupational well-being comprehensively is an essential element of our staff policy. We support the well-being of our staff by monitoring the ergonomics of workstations with occupational health care, offering our employees with a benefit to access sports-related hobbies in their leisure and providing the opportunity for cabin accommodation in Ruka for holidays. Our company bicycle benefit has been popular among bike commuters, but you can also obtain a bicycle for exercise purposes. You can relax in a massage chain during the work day and return to your tasks with increased energy. Depending on the work tasks, we also provide various benefits that support the balance between work and family life, such as flexible working hours and remote work opportunities. We monitor the well-being of our staff regularly through work satisfaction surveys.


Currently we don’t have any open positions.