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A SERVICE-MINDED brand company at your service

S&N Oy is a family company focused on technical wholesale, founded 1913. We offer to our clients service, expert consulting assistance and precise logistics. We represent dozens of international industrial brands and components. S&N Cardan, which is a part of the S&N group, is Finland's leading unit offering PTO shaft manufacturing, service and reparation. Our service is guaranted by ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.


With our expertise and agility we put together the best solutions to ensure the success of our customers.



Our recognized expertise is based on a long term and active co-operation with suppliers and customers.  We are an application expert. We solve our customers' bringing economical and operational benefits. We ensure that we offer the correct components for the correct application at the correct time. We improve the customer's end product by knowing the innovative solutions of our suppliers.


As an independent, innovative actore we react quickly and our rapid working model enables customer-centric and flexible solutions.  We know the business of our own country. We have the correct products in stock and the appropriate services for the customer.


We are interested in our customer. Long-term customer and supplier relationships are built on strong trust. Our common target is versatile success. An open and encouraging co-operation ensure our commitment to common targets. We appreciate personal client relationships and networking.


As a Finnish company we work socially responsibly and we are committed to contribute to a sustainable development with the choices we make.


S&N Osakeyhtiö is a founding member of EPTDA (European Power Transmission Distributors Association), founded in 1998. EPTDA is the leading industry association in Europe and EMEA, representing more than 250 companies in 31 countries. The EPTDA brand represents the excellent quality of the company's products and services and the high standards of operations.

Read more: http://www.eptda.org


TIMKEN, repairing bearings requires a minimal amount of energy and drastically reduces the consumption of raw materials compared to the manufacturing of new bearings. It is also significantly faster and 20% to 60% lower in cost.

The GGB TriboShield® tribological coatings are specifically designed to be self-lubricating, eliminating the need for grease and oil. GGB TriboShield® also replaces hard chrome plating.

The environmentally friendly ROCOL BIOGEN is a product family for the lubrication of steel cables, chains, and equipment or mechanisms in demanding maritime conditions. The products resist dripping and provide long-lasting protection against salt water.

S&N Cardan offers PTO shaft repair, maintenance and balancing services for heavy-duty vehicles. Repairing a PTO shaft is around 50% lower in cost and saves a significant amount of natural resources.

With the innovative ContiTech CTP thermal insulation elements and sheets, insulating is quick and energy efficient, reducing thermal losses by up to 80%.