S&N partners with Luvian Saha Oy in sustainable wood processing

S&N partners with Luvian saha oy in sustainable wood processing


Luvian Saha Oy is one of the largest sawmills and producers of processed wood products in Finland. As a responsible company, Luvian Saha works to ensure that forests are maintained and used in an ecologically, socially, financially and culturally sustainable manner. Refining high-quality raw materials into first-rate end products energy-efficiently, safely and with respect to the material requires systematic production and procurement.
S&N has been Luvian Saha’s partner for years. S&N monitors product availability and secures a sufficient inventory of production-critical items in case of any disturbances. Luvian Saha’s Maintenance Manager Timo Arola emphasises the significance of the cooperation with S&N, which means that the continuous production of the sawmill is crucially important. For example, the durable and compact Timken steel bearing units with a spherical roll bearing, which have been used since 2016, are among the components that are critical to Luvian Saha’s production. The bearing units are used in the chipper bottom conveyor, log way sorting assembly and log hoist chain conveyor. The bearing units are provided ready for installation and fully sealed. Using Timken’s steel bearing units has brought cost savings to Luvian Saha in the form of decreased downtime and production costs.
S&N also provides Luvian Saha with a variety of chains used for log transport as well as MBL V-belts for trimmers. Timo praises S&N’s extensive product selection and the price-quality ratio of the products. He finds that S&N can provide almost anything if you just ask. S&N also finds substitute products if the originals are unavailable for any reason. Timo laughs and says that all kinds of issues have been resolved together, describing the cooperation as highly technical interaction with a variety of experts. Shaft extension couplings have been considered as the next step in expanding the cooperation. The torque provided by the S&N couplings is leagues above the competing products, which is why they last longer. Timo says that he has been impressed by S&N’s honesty and proactive approach. He greatly appreciates the fact that any changes in deliveries are communicated openly. A two-week delivery is not promised if it cannot be ensured – if a delivery takes two months, then it does.

The magnet supplied by S&N, which is shown in the picture below, collects small bits of metal off the vibrating conveyor and has significantly reduced small disturbances and failures at the sawmill according to Maintenance Manager Timo Arola.