SACOMETAL OY – S&N Oy’s storage service ensures continuous production


Established in 1944, Sacometal Oy is the largest bronze foundry and machine shop in Finland and an important part of the Finnish subcontracting chain for machine production because it can independently manage the entire supply chain from raw materials to finished components. Sacometal manufacturs bronze bearings and self-lubricating slide bearings in sizes and shapes customised to the needs of the customer. The JM bronze alloys are made at the Pirkkala foundry, which also produces the slide bearing material to be used. Sacometal's Production Designer Ari Aarnio says that slide bearings are primarily manufactured based on images provided by customers.
S&N Oy has been a partner to Sacometal since 2011. S&N provides Sacometal with the ROCOL Metalflo 2064 hot forging lubricant, which is an important part of the production process of the slide bearings. Aarnio says that Metalflo 2064 is the icing on the cake for Sacometal’s production. He describes that the hot forging lubricant works without any issues. Properties that have caused problems in the end product have been found in similar agents. The hot forging lubricant is used to separate the casting mould and billet. The steel mould is coated to facilitate the separation of the cast piece. Production is easy with the right product.
Ari recalls that the product used be purchased through retailers, but the direct cooperation with S&N has generated clear additional value for the company. S&N stores at least a month’s supply of the critical lubricant, which ensures availability and prevents production interruptions. The availability of the product is always good despite large amounts of it being consumed in production. Sacometal has had the same S&N contact person from the start, and the cooperation has been going smoothly. As a result, Ari praises the good contact and the fact that there is always a response even during holidays to ensure that things keep moving forwards. Ari describes S&N’s service as flexible. The reactions to change requests, such as increased order volumes, are swift, and the occasional complaints are also handled quickly and appropriately. “Any customer concerns are also considered in close cooperation,” Ari says.