JUJO THERMAL OY – long collaboration streamlines the cardan shaft maintenance process for both parties


Jujo Thermal Oy is a company that produces specialty papers in Kauttua, Western Finland. The mill manufacturers thermal and coated papers for labels, tickets and receipts. Jujo Thermal is one of the world's leading manufacturers of thermal paper and the only company of its kind in the Nordic countries. S&N Cardan has been the maintenance and repair partner for Jujo Thermal’s paper machine cardan shafts for years. The long outages caused by sudden cardan shaft failures can be avoided through anticipatory condition monitoring, which involves the paper mill maintenance staff inspecting the shafts regularly.

Regular maintenance ensures a long service life for the cardan shafts. Jujo Thermal’s maintenance staff replaces shafts that require maintenance with serviced shafts from the mill’s shaft inventory and commissions the purchasing unit to have the removed shafts serviced and placed in the inventory for the next replacement. The mutual trust cultivated over the years makes the cooperation run smoothly. The buyer for Jujo Thermal Pasi Sevänen says that the communication is flawless and that S&N Cardan’s contact person confirms the orders quickly, often during the same day. S&N Cardan’s shaft maintenance services the shafts according to the schedule requested by the customer. During the long partnership, Jujo Thermal’s cardan maintenance schedule has settled at around two weeks. Sevänen also appreciates S&N Cardan always notifying well in advance of any exceptional changes to the schedule or a special new part is needed for a shaft, for example. S&N Cardan has Finland’s most extensive inventory of the most common parts, which is why the cardan shafts can be repaired quickly.

Pekka Lätti from Jujo Thermal’s maintenance department says that the cooperation with S&N shaft maintenance has always been smooth. The work results have been excellent and the serviced shafts have been sent back on time. The S&N Cardan shaft maintenance unit replaces the shaft grates and balances them. In the same context, the shafts are also painted, which reapplies the anti-corrosion protection. S&N Cardan maintains the various shafts sizes used by the paper mill from 10 kg to 100 kg shafts with professional expertise. The shafts are also packaged appropriately for transport and storage. Before maintenance, the S&N Cardan experts always assess the condition of the shaft to be serviced and indicate if it would be more cost efficient to replace it with a new one. Lätti says that Jujo Thermal trusts the assessment of the professionals at S&N Cardan. It is convenient that the S&N Cardan cooperation also covers new shafts. The S&N Cardan contact person prepares a quotation for the shafts and has a new one made according to the agreement.