AVANT TECNO OY – S&N supports the growth of its customers


You may encounter Avant loaders almost anywhere in the world due to the fact that Avant Tecno has manufactured more than 80,000 small loaders since 1991. “S&N has been Avant Tecno’s partner for over 25 years,” says Avant Tecno’s Purchasing Manager Raul Tsili. The first Avant loader was produced for the distribution of green fodder. As an innovation of its time, it was capable of distributing fodder to large numbers of cattle in 10–15 minutes. Thanks to continuous development, Avant now has seven series of loader models with more than 200 different attachments to ensure an extremely wide range of work applications.

The high-quality components and professional production ensure the long service life of the loaders. S&N has been the official importer of COBO Group, a leading manufacturer of cab components, for years now. Avant’s modern and highly-automated factory in Ylöjärvi manufactures all small loaders from start to finish. “Avant’s sales have multiplied during the partnership, and S&N now supplies a variety of items for loaders,” Tsili describes. Today, also the majority of COBO cab components, such as seats, gauges, work lights, wiring harnesses and displays are fitted with an Avant logo. Tsili praises S&N’s active communications with both the contact person and the team on a wider scale. “The cooperation has been smooth, which means that we are able to tackle any challenges effectively,” he adds.

S&N has been supplying the same items to Avant, such as Doga windscreen wipers and motors as well as Dirak latches, edge protectors and other fasteners for loader hatches, for example. “For us, the customers and importers set the course for loader development. Avant keeps its sights on future growth prospects with regard to components as well,” Raul says. As early as the planning phase, S&N offers new products to its partners and procures the necessary products on a global scale. As a local partner, S&N provides assistance in the development of supplier cooperation. A good example of the stable cooperation is the Dirak gasket, which is used as the primary seal for loaders. S&N already supplies more than 10 km of it each year.